Monday, January 31, 2011


Stumbling around on the internet I found this great blog KRISATOMIC and she had photos up of the Offset Festival 2010.  Pretty awesome looking party and people.  Makes me feel like I should hang out in Europe, let me add it to the list.  All of these photos are credited to her, KRISATOMIC- Thank You!  Here are some of my favorites...
 love the look of mixed prints, men's clothing on cute girl and contrasting color suspenders.

 <3 Men looking good in beige
 Hello?!  Where can I get a velvet hooded cape?!  to the lab!  Love the combination of rich royal prints on the grass
Girl crush- whoever you are.  Love her earrings first off, then love her eyebrows, bangs, curly hair- everything. xox

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