Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hand to Hand Maket --This Weekend!!--Greensboro, NC

Hey Folks!  Join in the fun!  The Brand NEW Hand to Hand Market is this weekend in downtown Greensboro, NC!!!

In addition to the craft market going on from 3pm-9pm, there is also a bunch of talks, demos, Djs and live music!!  So excited!  Not only will Riverbasin Outfitters be there but also a bunch of NC local crafters: Cuke & Sew DIY Zine and Flytrap, and so many more.  I'm also testing out my new Square with accepting credit cards (but bring plenty o' cash anyway- you know- we independents like it more)!

Attend the event- RSVP to let all your friends know on facebook- and invite more!!

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