Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY Gardening: Found Bamboo Chair Frame

I picked up this chair frame off the side of the road.  Perfect to plant some marigolds by my driveway since the deer don't eat those...
What you need:
*Chair Frame
*Two Burlap Coffee Bags 
(I bought these from a local coffee shop for $5)
*Collected pine needles from the woods
*1-2 Bags of Dirt (if you have compost- mix it in!)
*Flower Starters

 1) Cut open the burlap bags so they lay flat open.
2) Line the chair frame.  This will keep all the dirt from falling through the bamboo frame.
 3) Line bottom of nest with pine needles.
 4) Fill with dirt!  I mixed two kinds that I had.
I also added some leaves to make the dirt go further, this chair frame was much bigger than I thought!
5) Once your nest is full of dirt, plant marigolds and you're done!

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