Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seeking Summer Marketing Intern

Summer Marketing Internship with local clothing and jewelry designers: Gypsy Witch Collective.

We're looking for a Marketing Intern, someone who can work with, or has interest in learning: Wordpress, Blogspot, Etsy, GoogleSites, Facebook, DropBox, Tumblr, and Twitter.
*Bonus if you know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

**Intern must be interested in social media, ecological business practices, and dumpster diving.
**Great way to build Portfolio and References.
**Training provided in Stencil Making and Screen Printing for making promotional materials.
**Minimum Work Week: 15 hours- can be worked remotely after training
**Please email to set up an interview. Provide one reference (boss or teacher)- prepare images or examples as to how you are appropriate for this position.
**We are looking for long term interns, if you are moving in the next month- Do Not apply for this position

Check out our stuff (You will be working directly with some of these sites in the future):

** Personal computer not necessary. You must be able to commute on your own, be it car, bus or bike.
**This is a non-paying position (after 6 months you can work up to a paying position with excellent performance).

This Position includes some of these tasks:
-Blog Posts
-Facebook Posts
-Editing Photos
-Writing Etsy Thank You Card
-Cutting Business Cards/tags
-Creating Fliers/Posting around town
-MailChimp Email List
-Stamping Shopping Bags
-Screen Printing Patches
 Welcome to my studio (always moving)
 Hand Written Thank You Cards for the Online Shop

 My Intern Meredith Heat Setting Promotional Bags
 James Screen Printing Patches
Promotional Bags: Hand Dyed and Screen Printed- made from old tee shirts

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