Saturday, August 6, 2011

Free People Store Opening in Durham!

I have been a long time follower and fan of Free People since I was in college.  I gather inspiration from their catalogs and treat myself to a nice piece every now and then (most recent- Black Crocheted one piece bathing suit <3)
So when I discovered they were opening their first store in North Carolina at Southpoint Mall in Durham- I was really excited!  Free People, in league with Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, have great store displays and photo shoots.  Check out some of Ruthi Auda's photos from Anthropologie.

I stopped in for their grand opening yesterday for some shopping(hey it's tax free weekend too!), and to meet the staff.
 Pieced Sweater and Lace Scraps as a curtain
Detail of ceiling boarder.  Wool Tartans and Lace cut pieces.

Yarn Wrapped Trees in the front window
 Front window from the out side
 Love this nomad fawn!
 Really like this whole front selection on display (i got that triangle necklace!  Wearing it right now)
The beautiful staff: from left: Meredith, Megan (store manager) and Hillary

I came home and felt really inspired and made a dream catcher for a friend who's moving to Austin.
Here is the how-to:
 Collect flexable twigs in the woods.  Some green branches of a Weep Willow tree work great.
 Make a shape with your twigs/vines.  Double layer it so there are at least 2-4 sticks on all sides.
Using some yarn (I'm using some hemp jewelry making string I already had), tie a knot around all the twigs, binding them together and start wrapping your way around the shape.
 Adjusting the tension around your shape as you go, give it a good wrap so it holds a sturdy shape.
 Using the same or a different color yarn, start creating a dream catching net inside your shape. 
Here is a great illustrated instruction of how to make the stitch.
 As you go around and around, making each stitch tighter, start threading on beads and charms as you go.  I've got some small shells, blue glass beads and a charm that says "Live, Love, Laugh".  Tie off your net with a double knot.
(Here's an Ocean Dream Catcher- in the shape of a water drop, with sea shell charms. )
Add some tail feathers to your Dream Catcher- using more yarn (now I've switched to blue), tie knots and thread on big beads with some weight.  I used a bunch of big shells that I had been collecting for years and some hand-me-down glass beads.  Also attached my Leather Feather signature <3
Showing off my complete dream catcher and my new Triangle Necklace from Free People in Durham.

Have you noticed that I've been trying to blog more?!  Well- I'm back from my summer sailing trip- you can see photos and stories on the boat's travel blog,
The Riverbasin Outfitters store on etsy is now open and I will be updating it every week!
Become a fan on facebook to get the latest updates from Riverbasin and notices about SALES~
This coming weekend, August 13th, is TRKfest out at the Biofuel Plant in Pittsborough.  I'll be there selling clothes, drinking good beer, eating loco pops and listening to all my favorite local bands!!  Come see me! xox

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